Told through the eyes of two animal lovers, one story focused, the other visually oriented. Our goal is to shed light on all the famous cats that ever existed and enshrine them on fun, high-quality merchandise that we can share with the world. Meowthology is:

Paul Barrett, Meowthology

Paul Barrett

Concept Creator & Writer

A published author, Paul spends his days writing when he’s not on film sets working as either a property master or script supervisor. He has three cats, (four if you count the porch kitty) that he showers with love and treats when they demand it, which is often. You can see more about Paul and his books at Two Men and A Typewriter.

Jerry Frazee, Meowthology

Jerry Frazee

Artist Extraordinaire

Jerry has been drawing ever since he was old enough to lug a pencil. A respected caricature artist and illustrator (and really good at painting wargame miniatures) Jerry occupies his time with pencil, pen, and paper. He has a dog and cat who enjoy getting underfoot. You can see more of his work at Jer-Toons.